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Here at Comfy Sleep, nothing is more important to us than doing everything we can to ensure that our customers sleep better, live better, and love harder. Through our wide range of sleep products and beauty products, we’re fostering in an era of new relaxation techniques, with tools that you can use to soothe your body back into a peaceful state. From there, you can finally achieve the level of sleep that you’ve been craving for far too long.

Why is effective sleep important? That’s a great question. Remember, sleep dictates everything from our mood, to our appetite, to our body’s ability to exert and recoup energy throughout the day. Without an effective sleep schedule, our body suffers all the way around. With that said, it’s become more and more critical for people to achieve the restful sleep that their body craves and that their soul deserves.

Founded in 2012, Comfy Sleep has consistently remained at the cutting-edge of sleep and health technology. We’re firm believers that products that improve the sleeping conditions of our customers are more than luxuries – they’re essential. For instance, our sleeping mask with integrated headphones is one of the most unique products that we offer because it gives our customers the ability to engage in soft, relaxing listening just before bed. Ultimately, they fall into a meditative state, where their body is able to achieve a deep sleep that promotes a fruitful, healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

At Comfy Sleep, we’re constantly working to bring critical sleep care and beauty care products to our customers specifically designed to promote a happy, restful, and healthy lifestyle. Through our wide variety of products, along with the deep understanding and extensive expertise of our team members around the products that we sell, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive selection of sleep products on the web with unrivaled support.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just another retail business – in our minds, we’re proud to serve as dedicated partners who help our customers navigate their sleep troubles. Remember, achieving a good night’s sleep is important every single night – not just some nights. We’re always happy to recommend new and exciting products that we believe our customers would benefit from.